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    Chuck Ian Gordon is Science Fiction Author and and IT Architect. He lives, works and writes in Germany as well as in cyberspace. Chuck's history is somewhat mysterious. Some think, he grew up in Ireland. Others believe, that Chuck has a secret identity and is working as superhero after sunset. However. This guy seems to understand how to keep some information private.


    The GameW0rldz science fiction novel – English and German/Deutsch

    by  • 05.02.2015 • News

    GameW0rldzBookCoverThe GameW0rldz science fiction novel is a wild hunt of artificial intelligences through multiplayer game worlds continuing in the real world after they uploaded themselves into robot bodies. Dangerous, right? But guess who the good and bad guys are…

    Available as paperback and as eBook in English and German/Deutsch – just klick on the appropriate link:



    English German/Deutsch
    Paperback English (amazon) Paperback German/Deutsch (amazon)
    eBook Kindle English (amazon) eBook Kindle German/Deutsch (amazon)
    eBook ePub English (kobo.com) eBook ePub German/Deutsch (kobo.com)
    ebook iBookStore English ebook iBookStore German/Deutsch


    and check out the sequel to GameW0rldz at www.3futurez.com


    Blender Conference 2014 – Wake the superhero in you with the 3futurez holodeck musical

    by  • 30.10.2014 • Archive

    Chuck speaks at Blender Conference 2014 - klick to enlarge.

    The Blender Conference 2014 in Amsterdam (#BCON14) was such a marvelous event with so many great talks, demos and exchange of thoughts.

    My talk at the Blender Conference 2014 with the title: the 3futurez holodeck musical was well received. (klick on image to enlarge)

    I spoke about:

    1) how to wake the superhero inside you

    2) how to help mankind qualify for the 22nd century

    3) how to do this wich blender and have fun (with my holodeck musical)

    You can see the full video (about 30 minutes at the blender.org website (more…)

    3futurez Holodeck Demo at Loncon 3 – Game Over – Game On

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    3futurez Holodeck Demo at Loncon 3

    It was a great experience being at the 72nd World Science Fiction in London from August 14th to 18th 2014! ( http://www.loncon3.org )
    So many crazy and unique people all passionate about science fiction. Paradise for a scifi author.

    Actually I sold some English book versions of my novel GameW0rldz as paperback and ebook version on a USB stick.
    And I sold some 3D scans of scifi fans.

    But the most exciting thing was there were over 150 visitors to my 3futurez holodeck demo. Almost everybody was
    impressed by this little animation. Many comments were: “Amazing”, “That is really cool”, “wonderful”.
    All was done in Blender 3D. The demo was then ported to unity 3d by uniworlds.de .
    The ease of usage was one important point. You just put the VR glasses on and can behave naturally in the
    world suddenly surrounding you. Just turn your head and you look at the lady dancing between those radio telescopes.
    A very few people felt a bit dizzy but especially younger ones adapted really quickly to the surrounding scene.
    I had to stop some people from walking around while being blind in the real world but no major accidents happened.

    Alas the Loncon is over now. But the game for the 3futurez holodeck musical is on.
    Thank you very much for your visit and the very important honest feedback on my demo.

    If you also want to get an impression of the holodeck demo you can get it by watching the Loncon 3 mini trailer:

    Sneak preview into the future at Loncon3.org

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    From August 14th to August 18th 2014 the 72nd world science fiction convention will be held at London for the 3rd time (http://www.loncon3.org) . Gordon’s Arcade will be there in the Dealers Hall on Table F14 (about in the middle of the hall).

    I have prepared four goodies for you!

    First I have copies of the English GameW0rldz scifi novel with me. Come and get your signed printed copy or get the eBook on a USB stick in various formats (epub, mobipocket, html, pdf)

    Second I offer insights into the GamW0rldz sequel 3futurez. Discover details about the story and the presentation format as holodeck musical. Watch the first motion captured animation and parts of the storyboard.

    Third experience the fascinating 3D technology yourself. Take a first look through my 3D VR Head set and see Natasha Morrison in 3D. Want to take a VR souvenir with you? Get your personal 3d scan. From a 3D photo I will produce a 3D mesh from your face for you and put it into a small 3D animation.

    Finally science fiction is not just stories about the future. It is a way to reflect about our chances and our risks and then take actions to create a better future for our civilization. I invite you to join this galactic rebellion. Let’s talk about it. Meanwhile enjoy the great great 5secondfilm about the galactic rebellion.

    I am pretty excited about those upcoming days and am looking forward to meeting you in person in London.

    Chuck Ian Gordon

    English Translation of GameW0rldz hits the world market

    by  • 11.12.2013 • News

    Yeah, it is done!

    I finished my complete final re-read and brought the English version of my science fiction novel GameW0rldz online.
    Thanks to Jan Wassermann Fry and Oliver Fry for the translation and proof reading.

    You can enjoy the first six chapters of GameW0rldz for free as extract.

    And you can read the complete novel GameW0rldz on your Amazon Kindle.

    If you like it, please spread the word.
    If you don’t please tell me what you dislike

    Yours sincerely
    Chuck Ian Gordon

    Zukunftschronik 2114 – Welche Botschaft schickst Du 100 Jahre in die Zukunft?

    by  • 08.11.2013 • Archive

    [English article here]
    Viele Organisationen planen für das nächste Quartal oder das nächste Fiskaljahr. Wir planen für das nächste Jahrhundert.
    Zukunftsfinger.tv, Gordon’s Arcade und Skilltower Institute starten die 100-Jahre-Zeitkapsel für Deine Botschaft an die Zukunft.

    Unter dem Namen Zukunftschronik 2114 entsteht eine 100-jährige Webseite mit Visionen und Botschaften für das Jahr 2114 sowie eine Science Fiction Reportage, die ein Jahrhundert in die Vergangenheit blickt in das Jahr 2014. (more…)

    Future Chronicles 2114 – What message do you send 100 years into the future?

    by  • 08.11.2013 • Archive

    [German article here]
    Many organizations plan for the next quarter or next fiscal year. We plan for the next century.
    Zukunftsfinger.tv, Gordon’s Arcade and Skilltower Institute just started the 100 year time capsule for your message to the future.

    We create a 100 year website with visions and video messages for the year 2114 as well as a motion picture science fiction report looking back a century at the year 2014. We call this project Zukunftschronik-2114 (future chronicles 2114). In the first step the movie will be in German. But we are seriously considering an English version if we sense enough demand for that. (more…)

    GameW0rldz translation to English almost finished

    by  • 14.10.2013 • News


    the English translation of GameW0rldz is almost finished.
    I reviewed the last words to – THE END -.
    From my point of view my translator did a marvelous job.
    Now some proofreading is necessary and then GameW0rldz will hit the international market.
    I will give more details plus an English extract for reading soon.