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    [German version here] After contacting a number of publishers I always made the same discovery. They are overwhelmed by the flood of offers from authors and don’t have the resources to evaluate manuscripts in a timespan appropriate for the author. So I created some questions for me that helped me to decide whether or not to work with partners. Finally I decided to go as an self publishing indie author and founded my own publishing company – Gordon’s Arcade. I purchased the necessary professional services like editing, cover creation, typesetting etc. If you are an author and ask yourself whether to self publish as indie author or partner with a publisher you might find those questions useful.

    0) These questions help me
    to decide what I want
    to decide what I don’t want.
    With them I assure that I follow my vision and my way
    and I prevent choosing the wrong direction.

    1) How does a partner or company qualify to work with me?
    I invested a significant amount of time and money into my project.
    What investment does he/she bring in and how does he/she strengthen my position as IP owner?

    2) Which win-win-situation results for the reader, for me and my partner?
    (is it good for the reader, good for me and o.k. for my partner?)
    If not, I should decide otherwise.

    3) Will I keep control over my work?
    Is there a balance of power in the area of our partnership?

    4) What would George Lucas do in the same situation –
    after he had written star wars and wanted to bring this movie to life?

    5) How does this project fit with our common vision?
    Has the partner a vision with this project – or is he/she just after the money?
    in latter case he/she is no visionary partner, but just offers a service which I better purchase on the market

    6) I do not allow anyone to put me under pressure. Also not myself.
    Results are always more important than speed. Does anybody try to make me nervous? Relax!


    Chuck Ian Gordon is Science Fiction Author and and IT Architect. He lives, works and writes in Germany as well as in cyberspace. Chuck's history is somewhat mysterious. Some think, he grew up in Ireland. Others believe, that Chuck has a secret identity and is working as superhero after sunset. However. This guy seems to understand how to keep some information private.