• English Translation of GameW0rldz hits the world market

    by  • 11.12.2013 • News

    Yeah, it is done!

    I finished my complete final re-read and brought the English version of my science fiction novel GameW0rldz online.
    Thanks to Jan Wassermann Fry and Oliver Fry for the translation and proof reading.

    You can enjoy the first six chapters of GameW0rldz for free as extract.

    And you can read the complete novel GameW0rldz on your Amazon Kindle.

    If you like it, please spread the word.
    If you don’t please tell me what you dislike

    Yours sincerely
    Chuck Ian Gordon


    Chuck Ian Gordon is Science Fiction Author and and IT Architect. He lives, works and writes in Germany as well as in cyberspace. Chuck's history is somewhat mysterious. Some think, he grew up in Ireland. Others believe, that Chuck has a secret identity and is working as superhero after sunset. However. This guy seems to understand how to keep some information private.