• The GameW0rldz science fiction novel – English and German/Deutsch

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    GameW0rldzBookCoverThe GameW0rldz science fiction novel is a wild hunt of artificial intelligences through multiplayer game worlds continuing in the real world after they uploaded themselves into robot bodies. Dangerous, right? But guess who the good and bad guys are…

    Available as paperback and as eBook in English and German/Deutsch – just klick on the appropriate link:



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    and check out the sequel to GameW0rldz at www.3futurez.com



    Chuck Ian Gordon is Science Fiction Author and and IT Architect. He lives, works and writes in Germany as well as in cyberspace. Chuck's history is somewhat mysterious. Some think, he grew up in Ireland. Others believe, that Chuck has a secret identity and is working as superhero after sunset. However. This guy seems to understand how to keep some information private.