• Please help: GameW0rldz English translation: Vote for your favorite translator

    by  • 25.06.2013 • News

    [Update]: Translator chosen – translation underway – looking great!

    [Original article] GameW0rldz is going to be translated to English!  After I had an approach to an English translation that didn’t work, I now have narrowed the field down to three possible translators and would appreciate your help finding the best translation for (US-)English readers.

    It will probably take some time to read the three sample translations (on 18 pages – 6 each).  The following survey can be taken very quickly as it is just made of five questions.

    for your help you can optionally receive a free digital copy of the book after it is translated to English. Just leave your mail address in the survey.

    Here is the link to the translation samples and the survey:(removed – because survey is finished)

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Chuck Ian Gordon


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